Day 5 – Friday 17 June

9.30 – 11 am Parallel Sessions N
Session 1: Digital Genetic Joyce I – Digital Scholarly Editing and Joyce’s Irish
Chair: Ronan Crowley
a) Hans Walter Gabler (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich): Digital Challenges to Scholarly Editing: The Case of Ulysses
b) Luca Crispi (University College Dublin): Loosening Mollys Hairpins
c) Alyssa Krueger (Claremont Graduate University): ‘The Map of it All’: The Irish Language in Ulysses
Session 2: Historicising Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Flicka Small
a) Paul Devine (Independent Scholar): Stephen Dedalus and the 1899 Hague Peace Conference
b) John Gordon (Connecticut College): In Praise of Mahoney, Fifty Years On
c) Rie Shimokava (National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College): Bazaar and Retreat in ‘Araby’
d) Flicka Small (University College Cork): The Joyces of Cork
Session 3: Graphic Novels and Visual Adaptation
Chair: Andrew Ferguson
a) Yaeli Greenblatt (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): The TypoGraphic Novel: James Joyce, Chris Ware and the Materiality of the Image
b) Frank Alanis (California State University, Fullerton): Joyce, the Cartoonist? An exploration of Parallax in Ulysses and Asterios Polyp
c) Andrew Ferguson (University of Virginia): Unflattening Ulysses: On Criticism as Refraction
Session 4: The Joyce of Love
Chair: Rodney X. Sharkey
a) Benjamin Boyson (Syddansk Universitet Odense): Joyce’s Love Letter (Finnegans Wake)
b) Suzette Henke (University of Louisville): The Joyce of Love: Amorous Obsessions
c) Rodney X. Sharkey (Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar): ‘Let me take you by the hand and take you through the streets of London’: Lucia Joyce, Affective Biography, and the Composition of Samuel Beckett’s Murphy
Session 5: Joycean Refractions Today
Chair: Stephanie Boland
a) Ariela Freedman (Concordia University): ‘Wideawake Language’: Refracting Joyce through Eimear McBride
b) Pauric Havlin (Birkbeck College): Joyce Incorporated: Assigning Capital in the Literary Economy
c) Stephanie Boland (University of Exeter): ‘Making News out of my Sootynemm’: Joyce in the Contemporary Popular Press
11 – 11.30 am Tea and Coffee
11.30 am – 1 pm Parallel Sessions O
Session 1: Digital Genetic Joyce II – Databases of Memory and Mind
Chair: Hans Walter Gabler
a) Michael Groden (University of Western Ontario): Reflecting Genetically on Genetic Criticism
b) Ronan Crowley and Joshua Schäuble (University of Passau): ‘Emphasising the Cordial Relations’: A Relational Database Model of the Ulysses Note Repositories
c) Tom De Keyser and Dirk Van Hulle (University of Antwerp): A James Joyce Digital Library: An Action-Oriented Approach to Joyce’s ‘Work in Progress’
Session 2: Mugwump Wake
Chair: Sam Slote
a) Finn Fordham (Royal Holloway): ‘Fadgist-fudgist!’ (323.23): Political Insults at the Wake
b) Gabriel Renggli (University of York): HCE’s Body Politic: The City in Finnegans Wake III.3
c) Sam Slote (Trinity College Dublin): A Pragmatic Wake (of sorts)
Session 3: Afterlives of A Portrait of the Artist in the Global Bildungsroman, Irish Women’s Fiction, and the Graphic Novel
Chair: Paige Reynolds
a) Gregory Castle (Arizona State University): ‘Terrible Queer Creatures at the Latter End of the World’: Joyce’s Portrait and the Global Bildungsroman
b) John Paul Riquelme (Boston University): Queering Joyce & Time Graphically—Fun Home, A Portrait, Ulysses
c) Paige Reynolds (College of the Holy Cross): Bird Girls—Joycean Motifs in Irish Women’s Fiction
Session 4: Roundtable: Dubliners 2016
Chair: Ellen Scheible
Participants: Ellen Scheible (Bridgewater State University), Martin Brick (Ohio Dominion University), Claire Culleton (Kent State University), Jack Dudley (Mount Saint Mary’s University) and Jasmine Mulliken (Oklahoma State University)
Session 5: I Believe. O Lord, Help My Unbelief: Faith as Sign and Symptom in Joyce, Part I
Chair: Garry Leonard
a) Gareth Downes (Independent Scholar): A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Heretic: Stephen Hero, A Portrait and the Shade of Giordano Bruno
b) Gregory Erickson: Alternate Reformations: Finnegans Wake and Religious Iconoclasm
c) Father Jean Schoonbroodt (Independent Scholar): Stephen as a Christ-like figure in A Portrait
1 – 2 pm Lunch
a) Genetic/Textual Joyce Caucus, led by Ronan Crowley
b) Finnegans Wake Reading Group, led by Finn Fordham
2 – 3.30 pm Parallel Sessions P
Session 1: Digital Genetic Joyce III: Ulyssean Genetics
Chair: Michael Groden
a) Clare Hutton (Loughborough University): Seven Types of Ulyssean Revision
b) Ronan Crowley and Gábor Mihály Tóth (University of Passau): Leitmotif All Over Again: Corpus and Computational Linguistic Approaches to Ulysses
c) Amanda Visconti (Purdue University): Infinite Ulysses: Sharing the Ulysses Conversation with the Public through Social Annotation
Session 2: ‘[I]n the same vein of mimicry’: Replicating Capital and Nation in Joyce
Chair: Spurgeon Thompson
a) Robert Brazeau (University of Alberta): Mimesis and Mimicry in Dubliners
b) Philip Keel Geheber (Louisiana State University): Capital Circulating the Capital: Money as Mimesis in Ulysses
c) Spurgeon Thompson (Fordham University): Newspapers, Courts, and Violence in Finnegans Wake: Mimicry and the Politics of the Derivative State
Session 3: New Readings of Finnegans Wake
Chair: Bridget O’Rourke
a) Thomas Jackson Rice (University of South Carolina): Jerkoff and Eatsup: Scene, Seen, and Obscene
b) Jim LeBlanc (Cornell University): Finnegans Wake and the Threshold of Plausibility
c) Kimberly Devlin (University of California Riverside): Joyce’s ‘Meanderthalltale’: Tracing the Passed/Past in Finnegans Wake
d) Bridget O’Rourke (Elmurst College): The Yoga of Finnegans Wake: Pulling on a Tantric Thread
Session 4: Queer Joyce
Chair: Jessica Rae Bergamino
a) Hailey Haffey (University of Utah): Speak, Suck, Bite… Kiss: Mother-Son Love in Joyce
b) Ryan Tracy (CUNY Graduate Center, New York): Bloom ‘Overdrawn,’ or, Ulysses’ Bad Debt
c) Iva Dimovska (Central European University, Budapest): In Search of Queer Past: James Joyce and the Queer Passage of Time
d) Jessica Rae Bergamino (University of Utah): Answer Me Like a Fishwoman: Queered Shame, Non-Monogamy, and Secrecy in Ulysses
Session 5: I Believe O Lord, Help My Unbelief: Faith as Sign and Symptom in Joyce, Part II
Chair: Garry Leonard
a) Teresa Valentini (University of Siena): Fading Totality: From Sacred Time to Secular Time in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
b) Jack Dudley (Mount Saint Mary’s University): ‘Spiritual’ Subjects: Unorthodox Transcendence and the Modern Self in Joyce
c) Garry Leonard (University of Toronto): Joyce and Lacan: The Catholic Connection
3.30 – 4 pm Tea and Coffee
4 – 5.30 pm Parallel Sessions Q
Session 1: Digital Genetic Joyce IV: Roundtable on Opportunities and Challenges
Chair: Chrissie Van Mierlo (Loughborough University)
Participants: Ronan Crowley (University of Passau), Alyssa Krueger (Claremont Graduate University), Joshua Schäuble (University of Passau), Wim Van Mierlo (Loughborough University), Amanda Visconti (Purdue University)
Session 2: Scatology
Chair: Jo Sunggyung
a) Doug Phillips (University of St Thomas): The Arse Men: Bottoming Out with Joyce, Bloom and Dedalus
b) Hunter Dukes (University of Cambridge): Joyce’s ‘Indelible Ink’: Excremental Appropriation and the Materiality of Writing
c) Jo Sunggyung (University of Utah): Reading, Desire, and the Rectum: Reading Acts and ‘Reading Closets’ in James Joyce
Session 3: Echoes of the Past in Joyce
Chair: Dieter Fuchs
a) Georgia Ann Banks Martin (Pacifica Graduate Institute): The Archetype of the Garden in Joyce
b) Renata Meints Adail (University of Birmingham): Ulysses in Paradise: Joyce and the Presence of Milton
c) Rachael Stanley (University of Nottingham): Joyce’s Pot-Bouille: Echoes of Zola in ‘The Boarding House’
d) Dieter Fuchs (University of Vienna): Unknown Aspects of the Daedalus Myth: Re-Reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Session 4: Eumaean Tales
Chair: Damon Franke
a) Kristin Lacey (Boston University): ‘A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath’: Bloom’s Gendered Discourse in ‘Eumaeus’
b) Akira Tamura (Kinjo Gakuin University): ‘Eumaeus’ and Sailor Narratives
c) Damon Franke (USM Gulf Coast): Whorley at Work [Corley in Eumaeus]
Session 5: Fenian Intertexts
Chair: Coilin Owens
a) Diarmuid Curraoin (Independent Scholar): In Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne Through the Pages of Finnegans Wake
b) Jan Hammerquist (University of Antwerp): Poetic and Aesthetic Process in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Finnegans Wake
c) Coilin Owens (George Mason University): The Literary Fenianism of Joyce’s A Portrait
Evening Symposium Dinner